The APRA – Australian Pulsar Racing Association Limited is a controlled one make motor racing category based on the N14 and N15 Nissan Pulsars developed under the guidelines of the APRA, CAMS & AASA. The foundations of this series go back to the desires of grass-roots motorsport purists wanting to develop a category enabling “real” cost-effective motor racing with parity. The choice of Nissan’s world famous Pulsar and in particular the N14 and N15, were quickly identified as a great platform and for a number of reasons;

  • Still relatively fast in comparison to a number of options.
  • They are a sportier type chassis to develop from in comparison to other makes.
  • There is ample and cost effective options widely available for the car.
  • Most importantly… they don’t look and sound like hair-dresser cars!

With controlled tyres, controlled suspension and limited modifications to promote cost-effective parity, current competitors have been able to build a competitive car ready to race for less than $10,000. The APRA (Prev. known as Pulsar Challenge) since it’s conception late 2012, has quickly attracted the attention of both experienced racers and new comers alike and will no doubt become the mainstay for grass roots motorsport racers for years to come.